Alluring Goldfinch original painting by Pat Cross.

Alluring Goldfinch

by Pat Cross
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Though small, the visual impact of the goldfinch carries a such a powerful allure to the human eye that it served as a Pulitzer-prize winning title for a fictional drama.

But I find the melody of the goldfinch equally as alluring with its bright “per-chick-o-ree” that lilts at the end as though asking some thought-provoking question. 

This original painting titled “Alluring Goldfinch” is painted on a solid block of wood nearly an inch thick with the image continuing around the sides giving more dimension to the piece. The painting mounts in a hand built stoneware frame with leaves impressed into the soft clay, then after firing, stained with liquid iron oxide to reveal the shapes and veins.

Perfect for anyone fond of our feathered friends that bring fascination, music and allure into our lives.