SOLD! At the Live Silent Auction of Pat Cross Art

Carnegie Hall announces a successful Live Silent Auction of the featured oil painting by Pat Cross entitled, Music on the Ivy Terrace at Carnegie Hall, the centerpiece of her solo exhibition of 37 original paintings and drawings. 

The auction and performance by pianist John Maddy and singer Lilly King attracted more than 80 music and art patrons to socialize in a sold-out Speakeasy style gala while surrounded by 37 original artworks by Pat Cross.

The painting Music on the Ivy Terrace at Carnegie Hall by Pat Cross went to the highest bidder and soon created a stir of requests for fine art prints of the piece.

"In this painting, I chose to represent Carnegie Hall's most beloved outdoor event", says Pat Cross. The cherished gingko tree shows its golden glory while sun illuminates the columned portico of Carnegie Hall. Music lovers lounge on the lush lawn and catch up in a community homecoming as an ensemble performs on the Ivy Terrace. 

Stay tuned for announcements of fine art prints available of this oil painting, Music on the Ivy Terrace at Carnegie Hall by Pat Cross.