SOLD! A New floral Painting by Pat Cross Sold at the Eggplant Boutique.

A new original oil painting by Pat Cross recently sold at the Eggplant Boutique, located in the South Hills of Charleston. The petite floral titled Courting Cone Flower now blooms in the hands of a new collector.

Pat Cross tells of the inspiration that led her to create this piece. "I painted this flower in an attempt to capture the curious arrangement of seeds projecting outwards, not unlike a pinecone," she explains, "I learned this from my mother, a master gardener, that the cone shape makes it ultra easy for butterflies to land and dine, attracting many of the winged beauties, an added visual bonus to the gardener."

If you seek some blooming color in your home this winter, Pat Cross has more petite oil paintings of florals at the Eggplant Boutique, 1011 Bridge Rd A, Charleston, WV 25314.