Pat Cross Winterscapes Now at Parkersburg Art Center

February brings a quietness of solitude relished by many artists, writers, musicians and makers. “For decades now, winter proves my most productive painting season,” says Pat Cross, explaining, “I’m released from mowing, weeding, gardening, watering, travel plus a host of events demanding so much attention during the other seasons.”

Just as the rest between notes gives meaning to a melody in music, rest from so many seasonal demands allows an artist to delve more deeply for longer periods of time into the creative process uninterrupted. Winter offers this golden opportunity unlike any other time of year. So, Pat Cross celebrates the silent season with her winterscapes, Red Winter Willow, Winter on the Riverbank, and Twin River Willows, now showing at the Parkersburg Art Center.

These paintings are each custom framed with those hand crafted by Jeff Lewis in his local studio/workshop. “These frames give a finishing touch to my artworks,” says Pat Cross, “often bolstering the impact of each piece.” The paintings are wired and ready to hang in your home, office or anywhere you want a reminder to relish the quiet solitude of winter.

To view or purchase these winter paintings by Pat Cross, visit the PAC 713 Market in the Parkersburg Art Center at 713 Market Street, Parkersburg, WV 26101.