Pat Cross Completed a New Oil Painting Commission

In this completed oil painting commission, Pat Cross composed a couple seated on their back deck to spectate the view of the sky ablaze with color over the forested landscape of their South Carolina mountain home. Months earlier, the couple reached out to Pat Cross after seeing her art in an exhibit and felt inspired to own one of their own, but with the personal touch of their own paradise.

Here, in Our Paradise, the couple relaxes hand in hand as they each relish the benefits of front row seating when the evening sun sets the clouds ablaze with color. An overhanging branch leans in for a better view and joins them in the ogling of this dramatic visual event.

Some of the sunlight catches the rims of festive fall foliage in the treetops rising up beyond the deck and towards the valley below. Meanwhile, purple mountains line the horizon and add contrast to the golden hues of the sky.

Commissions present unique challenges well beyond the typical painting process making them more of a service than a commodity. Pat Cross finds that process of collaborating with a client very rewarding.

“Though, it feels bittersweet when I ship a completed commission,” says Pat Cross, explaining, “Even though I’m glad my client expresses such pleasure with the painting, I’ll miss seeing it in my art studio.”

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