Pat Cross Art Sells at Gallery Eleven Holiday Event

Gallery Eleven Holiday Sale of Pat Cross Art

SOLD! Gallery Eleven successfully closed on the sale of the original drawing by Pat Cross titled, Preening Her Wing, a vivid response to the current policy of social distancing in place.

Preening Her Wing is the artist’s interpretation of something to so when a pandemic policy confines the artist from typical tasks that otherwise help keep the art business alive (such as art festivals, travel, art receptions, gallery visits, exploring new geographical markets, or even meeting with supportive peers and vendors). In these difficult circumstances for artists, “I leverage this opportunity to preen my own wings,” says Pat Cross, adding, “So that when the market picks up again I am ready.” For example, an artist can hone their art skills, organize their studio space, increase production efficiency, advance accounting skills, update art inventory records, photograph art works, update their contacts database, prep marketing messages, upgrade the computer system, and leverage technology to reach out to a broader audience. “Artists who genuinely want to keep their art business alive figure out what it takes to adapt to difficult times,” says Pat Cross, adding, “That is what this drawing I call Preening Her Wing is all about.”

Does this mean that an artist performs best in isolation? “Absolutely not,” says Pat Cross, explaining, “The successful sale of this piece is a prime example. It happened because a peer of mine at Gallery Eleven called me,” says Pat Cross. “She worked the Gallery that day and a customer who wanted to buy a number of my artworks asked for more information. She called me and handed the phone to him. I was able to chat with him and work out a deal that made him – and me – very happy. Had she not called me, I may have missed the chance to connect with him and to seal the deal.” This event underscored the value of a team when it comes to selling an artwork. “Galleries and peers will always hold a unique value to artists because, well, it takes a team to move an artwork from the easel into a collector’s home or office,” says Pat Cross.

The Gallery is located in the beautiful Charleston Town Center, adjacent to the Colosseum in the center of Charleston’s bustling metropolis.