Pat Cross Art Now Showing in the Roy G Biv Exhibit

At the Parkersburg Art Center

The oil paintings by Pat Cross each tell a visual story of people interacting with the outdoors. “I warm with cheer that this painting series receives such an enthusiastic response,” says Pat Cross, adding, “I also notice a trend of people moving to small, rural towns with safe and easy access to walk, bicycle and hike.” Such access to outdoor exercise certainly boosts the health of the community which in turn seems to attract other people who share those values.

The exhibition launched on June 30th with a festive reception followed by an awards ceremony and bustling social hour of arts enthusiasts. The exhibit runs from June 30th through August 18, 2023 and is open to the public for viewing and for purchase of the artworks.

To view or purchase artworks in this exhibit, visit the Parkersburg Art Center at 725 Market Street in Parkersburg, WV. To view artworks by Pat Cross browse or visit one of her galleries.