Jurors Select Pat Cross Original Paintings into UGallery

Collectors of Pat Cross original oil paintings can now purchase her work at UGallery.com where buyers enjoy free shipping and free returns. Founded in 2006 and headquartered in San Francisco, CA, UGallery connects fine artists with collectors from around the globe. Although hundreds of artists apply from around the world each week, only a small percentage are selected into UGallery (about 350 total).

"I've been searching for an exclusive online gallery that excels in both sound business practices and in reaching selective shoppers that range from savvy collectors to those just now starting with their first purchase of original art," says Pat Cross. "The added bonus has been the discovery of how well UGallery treats their artists. So supportive! I notice that they continually seek ways to help us artists succeed through their rigorous production and presentation guidelines,” explains Pat Cross. “I can tell that the owner, jurors and staff at UGallery respect and care for the artists they represent. UGallery genuinely values the relationship and it shows!”

UGallery receives ample media attention due to its success in connecting buyers and sellers of original artworks online. Such publicity includes The New York Times, Vogue and Art in America. UGallery distinguishes itself by tailoring the online experience to support sales yet with the top-level service expected of a well-established brick-and-mortar gallery. This is partly due to the long-term experience of the partners owning and operating galleries hands-on over the decades combined with impressive technical savvy to survive and thrive in the modern digital era.

To browse the original oil paintings by Pat Cross now available for purchase via UGallery, tap here to go to UGallery, or, tap here to see the Collection on this site. Note that the artist greatly respects her relationship with her galleries and that Pat Cross ensures that her galleries receive their due commission for those artworks of hers currently displayed for sale on the UGallery site. “It’s a win-win,’ says Pat Cross, “with each artist bringing his or her own collector base to the UGallery sales venue and the gallery pooling those together while marketing for new collectors.”