Jurors select Pat Cross Art into Hindsight is 2020 Exhibit

Jurors selected 45 artists into Hindsight is 2020 with the original artwork of Pat Cross among them. To reflect on the historic year of 2020, this exhibit brings to light the many ways that the corona virus pandemic impacted our creative community and how each responded to the challenges. Now showing at the David L. Dickirson Fine Art Gallery in Tamarack, Hindsight is 2020 displays fine art paintings, drawings, sculpture, blown glass, stoneware, tapestries and more.

The artwork by Pat Cross selected to exhibit is a framed original drawing entitled When Nobody’s Watchin’ showing a woman twirling barefoot in a woven dress to a melody composed in her imagination. “It’s a tribute to delicious solitude,” says Pat Cross, “those private moments of joy in the very present motion.” The social distancing required by pandemic policy offered, at times, a bit of respite from the fast-paced and often incessant social demands of modern life.

“In any situation, we adults have choices,” explains Pat Cross, “We can choose to bury ourselves under growing layers of worry and fear, or, we can take action to hone our skills, clarify our priorities, and strengthen our gratitude muscle.”

The aim of this drawing by Pat Cross encourages hope. “Hopefully,” says Pat Cross, “We’ll come out of this difficult period more equipped to experience joy and to contribute to the well-being of other people more generously.”

This original drawing titled When Nobody’s Watchin’ by Pat Cross is now available for purchase at the David L. Dickirson Fine Art Gallery in Tamarack. Contact the Gallery Director Mandy Lash to find out how you can acquire this piece and/or ship it anywhere in the United States via email at gallery@tamarackwv.com, or phone at (304) 256-6843, ext 151.

Hindsight is 2020 is hosted by the David L. Dickirson Fine Art Gallery at Tamarack and available free to the public from January 16 through February 21, 2021 at One Tamarack Park, Beckley, WV 25081.