Jurors select Pat Cross art into Birds of a Feather exhibit

This collection of original paintings by Pat Cross feature both wild and backyard birds that, as Pat Cross words it, “bring fascination, music and allure into our lives.”

Pat tells of her inspiration for the series, “I admire birds for many reasons, not the least for their keen vision and observational skills. For example, the eyes of an owl can adjust promptly from telescopic to microscopic vision partly due to the tubular shape of each eye.” She continues, “I marvel that an owl can spot a rabbit from a distance of two miles and maintain focus as they zoom in at impressive speeds of flight up to a specific area of the prey’s body, even during low light conditions.”

Pat Cross attributes her growing interest in feathered fauna to her many outdoor adventures, but also to her father’s strategically placed birdfeeder at home. “My father planted a winter bird feeder within a window’s view of his favorite chair. There, the arrival of a shimmering goldfinch or a brilliant red cardinal’s would lift Dad’s spirits such that he ensured an ample supply of sunflower seeds and other alluring snacks for our musical friends,” recalls Pat Cross.

The four artworks by Pat Cross juried into the show include, The Night Owl, Alluring Goldfinch, Ruby Forest Cardinal, and Backyard Blue Bird. Each of these original paintings are painted on a solid block of wood nearly an inch thick with the image continuing around the sides giving more dimension to the piece. Each painting mounts in a hand built stoneware frame with leaves impressed into the soft clay, then after firing, stained with liquid iron oxide to reveal the shapes and veins. The framed artwork rests on a black metal easel designed to display the piece on any mantel, shelf, counter or special niche in your home or office. “These are perfect for anyone fond of our feathered friends that bring fascination and allure into our lives,” says Pat Cross.

To view The Night Owl and other avifauna paintings by Pat Cross, visit the David L. Dickirson Fine Art Gallery during the exhibition or visit her online gallery.

These new originals by Pat Cross juried into "Birds of a Feather" will show at the David L. Dickirson Fine Art Gallery in Tamarack from March 6, 2021- April 11, 2021 at Tamarack located at 1 Tamarack Park, Beckley, WV 25801.