Jurors select Pat Cross Art into Back to Our Routes Exhibit

Jurors selected Pat Cross Art into Back to Our Routes, an exhibit at the David L. Dickirson Fine Art Gallery in Tamarack. A call for appreciation of the attributes that make West Virginia rich with history and strong family ties, Back to Our Routes celebrates with an exhibit of paintings, drawings, sculpture, blown glass, stoneware and tapestries.

The artwork by Pat Cross selected to exhibit is a framed original drawing entitled Testing the Waters. “I admire the hardiness of the people here,” says Pat Cross, “and I notice that the inherent cautiousness of the populous has served them well in hard times.

In this drawing, Pat Cross shows a strong mountain woman in a summer dress leaning over a cool natural pool to reach her toe and test the waters. Her expression is both cautious and determined as she prepares to accept the possibilities that await her below the surface. “I aim to remember the wisdom of checking things out before leaping in,” says Pat Cross, adding “and I want to mitigated the rather dangerous perception today of caution as somehow weak or steeped in fear.”

During this time of viral and digital threats, many people invest their caution to raise awareness of their immediate surroundings, evaluate situations more thoroughly, and protect themselves accordingly.

The original drawing Testing the Waters by Pat Cross was successfully sold through the Gallery at One Tamarack Park, Beckley, WV 25081. To learn more about the David L. Dickirson Fine Art Gallery and their schedule of fine art exhibits, visit www.tamarackwv.com.