Jurors Select Pat Cross Art into 37th Bosque Art Classic International Exhibit.

One of the most competitive fine art exhibits in representational art, the annual Bosque Art Classic brings together artists and collectors for a tailored event. The event includes a Gala dinner, exhibition, art auction and awards ceremony. Past winners of the coveted John Steven Jones Purchase Award include Kathy Tate, Mikel Donahue, William Schneider, Jeff Segler, Don Weller, Romel de la Torre, and Xiang Zhang.

Of the 900 entries from artists around the world, the artwork by Pat Cross juried into the show is Pardon My Dust, an original oil painting in a handmade frame by Jeff Lewis. In this painting, a young woman takes her team out for an afternoon ride in the sun parched field. The sheer joy of it all picked up her pace such that a cloud of powder followed her, dusting her hooved comrades. This painting, Pardon My Dust, tells of the inevitable risk when moving with boisterous vigor in our adventurous journey with companions. “There's going to be a bit of dust kicked up,” explains Pat Cross, “despite of our genuine attempts at courtesy.”

To view or purchase the piece, Pardon My Dust by Pat Cross, reach out to Paige Sibila, the Bosque Arts Center, (254) 675-3724, email art@bosqueartscenter, or visit 215 South College Hill Drive, Clifton, TX 76634 from Sept 11 – 24, 2022.