Jurors award Best of Show to Pat Cross in Creative Isolation Exhibit

The Jurors of the exhibition Creative Isolation awarded Pat Cross art with Best of Show. The original oil painting receiving the distinction, Art in Motion, also received the People’s Choice Award.

Each spring, the PACE Foundation displays the top regional talent through an annual exhibition along with a special dinner to celebrate the occasion. With over $1,200 in awards, the show attracted many professional artists with the generous incentive. This year, about 50 works of original art juried into the adult category. Hosting the event was JP Owens, founder of The Garage, the region’s newest creative venue and gallery exhibition space.

“I entered the show as a way to show support for both the Pace Foundation and The Garage,” says Pat Cross, adding, “There I spotted many excellent works of art. So, I was both surprised and thrilled to receive the two honors.”

The artwork of Pat Cross receiving the Best of Show and People’s choice awards was titled Art in Motion, a figurative oil painting of a Middle Eastern dancer in traditional, handcrafted attire. “Few traditions reveal the subtle artistry of the human form as poignantly as the Middle Eastern belly dance,” says Pat Cross. In this piece, the shoulder leads the figure in a graceful but earthy swirl as her arms frame the gentle twist of her torso in motion. For her figurative paintings, Pat Cross conducts live drawing sessions from a hired model. “Dancers often bring an element of skillful grace to the sessions,” explains Pat Cross, “making them excellent candidates for paintings.”

To view Art in Motion and other figurative paintings by Pat Cross, visit her online gallery at www.patcrossart.com