Eggplant Boutique Sells Pat Cross Floral Art

SOLD! at the Eggplant Boutique in the South Hills of Charleston.

This new oil painting by Pat Cross titled Fiesta Daisy reached a new collector recently who visited the Eggplant Boutique seeking a gift. The Eggplant is well known for its gift wrapping finesse which attracts those who really appreciate that service. 

As for Fiesta Daisy, oil painter Pat Cross tells of her inspiration for the sold piece. "Fiesta Daisy is a tribute to my mother's garden and our morning tours of her blooms with a cup of coffee." The Fiesta Daisy blooms early summer and endures well into fall. The large, saucer sized flower is a drought tolerant perennial that flourishes in both full or partial sun, making it a patio highlight.

These petite paintings make for wonderful gifts for those who either garden, wish they did, or even prefer to bring the joy of garden blooms indoors for every season. Collect more than one to create your own indoor garden that lasts for years.

Fiesta Daisy is one of a series of award-winning oil paintings on garden blooms by Pat Cross.

Visit the Eggplant boutique at 1011A Bridge Road, Charleston, WV 25314. Or call Lisa Payne and the friendly staff at (304) 346-3525.