Carnegie Hall Presents a Solo Exhibition of Pat Cross Oil Paintings and Drawings

In the Old Stone Room Gallery from November through December 2023.

As a world-renown hub for music and art venues, Carnegie Hall bustles with exhibitions, concerts, theater performances and over 300 annual art/cultural programs a year, contributing to Lewisburg's top rating as one of the Top Ten Small Towns in the United States.

Each year, the Exhibit Director invites selected artists to display original artworks in their various galleries, the Old Stone Room Gallery as the largest. This season, Carnegie Hall invited Pat Cross to show over 30 original paintings and drawings in a solo exhibition, each aligning with her theme, Inviting the Outdoors In. “I’ve personalized my exhibit by both curating certain pieces and also by painting a few that feature Carnegie Hall itself in each season of the year.”

A public favorite is a large oil painting that celebrates the outdoor musical events, “Music on the Ivy Terrace at Carnegie Hall,” by Pat Cross.

“This is my largest solo exhibition to date,” says Pat Cross, adding, “and I credit the skillful support I received to make it happen.” Pat Cross credits Harmony Flora, the Exhibit Director at Carnegie Hall, and Elizabeth Yeager, the Art Grants Coordinator at the West Virginia Department of Art, Culture and History, among others for their generous support.

To view the artworks in this exhibit, visit Carnegie Hall’s Old Stone Room Gallery at 611 Church Street, Lewisburg, WV 24901, or browse the online gallery of Pat Cross at