Carnegie Hall Live Silent Auction of Featured Oil Paintings by Pat Cross

In the Old Stone Room Gallery

Carnegie Hall announces a Live Silent Auction of selected oil paintings by Pat Cross with John Maddy and Lilly King performing in The Old Stone Room Gallery on Friday, December 14th. The Gallery will pack with art and music patrons surrounded by 37 original artworks by Pat Cross in a Speakeasy style performance and reception.

More than 80 music and art patrons will gather to socialize, watch the musical performance, and browse the artworks of Pat Cross. In this Live Silent Auction, participants have a chance to bid on the featured centerpiece of the exhibit, "Music on the Ivy Terrace at Carnegie Hall," a custom framed oil painting that Pat Cross created specifically for this exhibit.

To view the artworks in this exhibit, visit Carnegie Hall’s Old Stone Room Gallery at 611 Church Street, Lewisburg, WV 24901.